Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flight of the (paper) X-Wing

I was inspired by the recent flights at PlasterBlaster of an X-Wing and Y-Wing. ( ) So here's my attempt to create a flying X-Wing:

I hope this video has a little more sophistication than my first attempts.

(I'll confess - the real X-Wing did not fly very well. The stunt doubles for the main flights are conventional three-finned rockets.)

(copy of video at here:


Dick Stafford said...

Very cool, and impressive performance from a stomp rocket. I posted on this on my blog and added yours to my Google Reader.


Dick Stafford said...

Joel, my reader sees your feed but doesn't pick up your posts. Do you have the feed enabled?

Unless you specifically don't want to publish your posts, please do so.



Dick Stafford said...

Joel, If you did something, thanks. If you didn't...nevermind. My reader is getting your posts now.